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Antoine Victor offers « high-end » leather products for an easier and simpler storage of your everyday personal goods.

Our mission is to equip our community with accessories that are designed to inspire.
Our innovative, minimalist products redefine personal expression and the way people interact with their surroundings.

Your lifestyle is a constant game of day-to-day challenges, and ours, to provide you with essential accessories that help live a better life. Our leather goods are designed to protect and enclose your valuables while also giving your whole ensemble the perfect polished look.

Join our community at @antoinevictor to connect and see how we are reimagining the everyday life.

Patrice Belanger: The Man Behind the Brand

Patrice Belanger: The Man Behind the Brand

From a young age, Patrice Belanger had great interest in accessories and fashion. The twenty-three year-old entrepreneur grew up in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district of Montreal with his single mother. Fortunately, his family’s situation taught him perseverance, leadership and hunger for success.

«I have always been fascinated by leather: its quality, feel and the way it ages over time. The purpose of Antoine Victor is to offer unique, high-end items that will help store your everyday personal goods and enable you to carry them easily while maintaining a stylish look.»